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tambourines and elephants [entries|friends|calendar]
A to Y

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[05 Dec 2008|11:14pm]
i miss casey sooooo much right now.
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book report. and whatever else there is [02 Dec 2008|05:44pm]
ugh. i don't want to do homework right now.
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[31 Aug 2008|10:22pm]
casey lost his phone.
this makes things difficult for a long distance relationship.
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[02 Aug 2008|05:58pm]
i am back.
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[21 Jul 2008|12:10am]
today i travel to where love is.
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[10 Jul 2008|03:41pm]
in eleven days my heart is gonna melt from being in his arms again.
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[24 Jun 2008|09:55am]
i know i say the same things over an over.
but sometimes it's the only way i know how to express myself.
and as shallow as these words may sound, in my soul they ring so deep true.
i feel these words are a bit trite perhaps and others say them often as cliche.
God is good. so very good. and He always gives just what we need.
in the simplest ways.
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[27 May 2008|08:30am]
soo much growing.
and grace.
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[19 May 2008|06:46pm]
God is soo good.
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[18 May 2008|04:26pm]
it's 89º in my house.
go firgure.
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[08 May 2008|03:03pm]
i found love in a cave.
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[19 Apr 2008|01:21pm]
he knows how to make my heart skip.
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[31 Mar 2008|09:29am]
today is the last day of march.
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[26 Mar 2008|11:18pm]
6 days of letters left.
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[19 Mar 2008|04:10pm]
outside makes things better.
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[16 Mar 2008|11:00pm]
man, national treasure is soo good.
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[14 Mar 2008|09:20pm]
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[06 Mar 2008|11:54pm]
snail mail never took so long...
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[04 Mar 2008|07:58pm]
i don't know what i'm doing with my life...
what i'm gonna do to finish school..

i need to pray more.

Oh God give me guidance.
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march 1, 2008 [01 Mar 2008|10:47am]
so begins the month of letters
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